Star Round Yatsugatake Winter Season

Take a Guided Stars
Observation Tour.

2018.12.1~2019.2.23 Held Every Saturday!
スターラウンド八ヶ岳Presents “星めぐる大地八ヶ岳”の夜空を楽しむ8つの方法

Time to Embrace
the Earth
with the Stars
All around You

The “Star Round Yatsugatake Winter Season”
offers you
the opportunity to observe the stars
of the Yatsugatake sky during a guided tour.
Travel through time, and experience the tens
of thousands of earthly years
embedded in the Yatsugatake area.
Bring along those who are dear to you.

Event Schedule

Events are held every Saturday during the whole "Star Round" winter season!
Make early reservations!

Event Schedule
2018.12.1~2019.2.23 Held Every Saturday!

The Star Round Yatsugatake
Winter Season
Boasts Two Terraces.

The location where the event will be held
varies respectively.
Enjoy watching the stars
from each attractive location.



Altitude 1450m

On an altitude of 1450m, the hotel has an astronomical telescope and an observation dome. “Utsukushi-no-mori” which is opposite of the hotel used to be called Itsuki-no-mori. Legend has it that in the far, far past 8 million gods used to gather here every year. When looking from the observatory on top of the hotel, you will be be able to see the stars that shone in that distant past.

Date: 1, 8, 15 December 2018
Fees: (Reservations in advance) Adults: ¥1,300 / Children ¥650
*Prices may change on the day the tickets re sold.


SNOW SKY TERRACE Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort

Altitude 1900m

After climbing to an altitude of 1900m with the Sky-lift, enjoy the starry sky observation show with a hot drink in the hand. Because Sun Meadows is closed for skiing from late afternoon it will offer a quiet ambiance. While closer to the stars stud sky, a navigator will guide you along to the stars around Yatsugatake. And, if you are lucky, you might be able to observe shooting stars.

Date: 22, 29, December 2018 /
5, 12, 19, 26 January & 2, 9, 16, 23 February 2019
Fees: (Reservations in advance) Adults: ¥1,800 / Children ¥900
*Prices may change on the day the tickets re sold.


To make your experience even more enjoyable we have prepared some extras such as a star-sky movie, postcards, a photo booth (A Snow-sky limited), and gyroscopes.

スターラウンド八ヶ岳Presents “星めぐる大地八ヶ岳”の夜空を楽しむ8つの方法

Since You Are Here,
Stay Over For The Night!

The Yatsugatake area is generally known for its popularity during the summer season, but did you know about the charms of wintertime? It hosts many spectacular views which can only be seen during the winter season. After participating in the Star Round event, get slowly warm again at the inn while looking at the stars from the room. Therefore, take your time and enjoy what Yatsugatake has to offer.

Accommodation to Stay After the Event >

Event Summary

Utsukushi-no-Mori Terrace(Kiyosato Kogen Hotel) Address: 3545 Kiyosato, Takanecho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Pref. Japan TEL: 0551-20-8111
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Snow Sky Terrace(Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort) Address: 8240-1 Nishi-ide, Oizumi, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Pref. Japan TEL: 0551-48-4111
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Every Saturday from 1 December 2018 till 23 February 2019.*Venue and time vary depending on the date, time and opening date.
Utsukushi-no-mori terrace: (Reservations in advance) Adults: ¥1,300 / Children ¥650Snow sky terrace: (Reservations in advance) Adults: ¥1800, Children ¥900*Prices may change on the day the tickets re sold.
Executive Committee Of Star Round YatsugatakeAddress: 6587-2 Yato, Oizumicho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Pref. Japan
TEL: 0551-88-9027
スターラウンド八ヶ岳Presents “星めぐる大地八ヶ岳”の夜空を楽しむ8つの方法