The "Stars around Yatsugatake" is
two hours from the metropolitan area by car.
From the Chukyo area, it takes about 2,5 hours.


When coming by car

The Chuo Highway is very convenient. There are four interchanges around the base of the Yatsugatake range: Sutama IC, Nagasaka IC, Kobuchizawa IC and the Suwa Minami IC. The local connecting roads such as the Rainbow line, Izumi line, Yatsugatake highland line and others offer spectacular views.

When coming by car When coming by car

When coming by train

Take the Chuo line and Koumi line.

When coming by train When coming by train

When coming by Express bus

Shinjuku - Kiyosato / Yatsugatake direct bus (Travis Japan)It takes about 2 to 3 hours from the Shinjuku Bus terminal to accommodations in Kobuchizawa, Koizumi, Oizumi, Kiyosato, Nobeyama.

Shinjuku - Suwa / Okaya / Chino Line (Central Express bus).Bus stops at Chuo Expressway Sutama, Chuo Expressway Nagasaka - Takane, Chuo Expressway Yatsugatake Kobuchizawa, Chuo Expressway Fujimi and Chuo Ichihara. (2 hours 20 mins ~ 2 hours 40 mins.

*There are also express bus services from Osaka and Kyoto